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This Valentine’s Day, Bun Appétit commissioned us to make some painted cookies for their booth at the Salcedo Saturday Market! A lucky first few got a Friends-inspired cookie with their sandwich order! Here are the cookies before they got packaged up in individual glassine bags with […]


We made these banners in incredibly happy colors for you to put on top of your celebratory food! Put them on big cakes, little cakes, pizza, fruit salad, or whatever else you so choose. They’re just right for when you need an instant festive touch […]

ring parties

When Ginger ordered these Potterhead rings from us, we got really excited, because, POTTER.

She also got some of these.

And some bacon with an egg.

Props to Ina, who made everything. Well, almost everything. I made half of the bacon ring.

Thank you Ginger! You have spectacular taste, if we do say so ourselves.

(By the way, if you guys want to order custom rings for party favors or Christmas gifts, you can do so! We will be happy to work with you and create what you have in mind.)

guess what?

I’m taking orders for Christmas papercuts already! You can start planning your Christmas gifts, and be ready for the season. 😉 They can be Christmas-themed, like the ones in these photos, or not. Just let me know what you want and I will be happy […]

some new things…

We put these in our store! They’re so cute. Yay.

DIY laminated bookmarks

Buying a laminating machine is on my list of Just Wants. This list includes hair curlers,  flat irons, and a pink Kitchen Aid. In other words, things I cannot afford. You can substitute by buying cheap curlers, spending your afternoon trying to blow-dry your hair stick-straight, and buying a 200-peso pink spatula that won’t make you as happy.

Here’s our substitute for a laminating machine:

Things you’ll need:

1. a folder

2. some laminating paper

3. something to laminate (I made bookmarks)

4. an iron

5. a pair of scissors

Figure out which way to position your bookmarks.

Put your bookmark in between the sheets of laminating paper.

Cut around the bookmark.

Place the bookmark inside the folder.

Put your iron on a medium setting, and iron slowly and evenly for about 30 seconds, or until all the air bubbles in the laminate disappear.

Remove your bookmark from the folder.

Cut neatly around your laminated bookmark.

Ta-da! Your bookmark is now safe from spills and crumbs.

Happy reading!

Love and love,


breakfast club

We were commissioned to do giveaways for a party. What made this party unique was that it was held at breakfast time. What’s cooler is that it’s one of twelve parties held every year by a group of women who take turns to host a […]

Catching up

It’s impossible nowadays to find cute organizer refills. I mean, just because all we’re writing down are schedules and stuff, doesn’t mean it has to be on ugly paper. So, write in style with these! And you can even take down your own weather report. […]

school days

Go back to school in style! Use these Summer Drink folders to keep you cool while you study for your upcoming tests 🙂

Write to your newfound awesome  friends from summer vacation with our own version of the aerogram, complete with adorable stickers.

Or you can send them one of these Any Reason cards.

All of these designs come from the amazing brain of our very own Ina Bee.

She is full of awesome.

tweet tweet

I first drew swirls on my bird and then I started thinking of real things like how my mom sews, so I drew a sewing machine and a pin cushion, how I wanted to go on a picnic that day, or how I like flowers […]