The gift of handmade


Krispy Kreme and your holiday parties

Remember one of our first ever blog posts? Here’s a delicious way to fancy up your Krispy Kreme boxes for your parties! Cut two-inch circles from your Krispy Kreme box. Punch holes on sides of each circle cutout, and string with ribbon, yarn, or crochet […]

hair tutorial!

Here’s a party updo that’s easy to do! It looks complicated, but it really isn’t. You’ll need: You’ll also need some hair. Sam graciously lent us her head for this tutorial. You’re also going to need to know how to fishtail braid. Here’s a tutorial. […]

a week of love – valentine’s day banner

Parties aren’t parties until you’ve got the good stuff up. And we’ve got the good stuff we know you want! So why not kick off Valentine’s Day with a rip roarin’ good time. Well, my wonderful teacups  that’s how you do it! Happy Valentine’s Day! […]

a week of love – staple labels

Something I constantly love to do with candy, trinkets and anything really, is repack. I take things out of it’s original packing and basically give it a brand new look. It gives me great great joy to do so. And now I’m giving you the […]

a week of love – house box

I am a sucker for cute packaging. I think, sometimes, it means much more than what could possibly be inside. I mean, if you wanted to give a friend some Valentine themed M&Ms than why not do it in style? A simple way to assemble your own little box […]

a week of love – tea bag tags

You know what the best part about V-day is? All the freebies we are giving away (and the amount of pink I get to use)! This week of February leading up to Valentines day we will be giving an, oh so cute, freebie away. Daily! […]


Today we’re going to show you how to make a yummy dip. We serve it at parties and get-togethers all the time, and we never get tired of eating it. It’s ridiculously easy to make it. Pop it in the oven to melt the cheese […]

freebie monday // cupcakin’ cute

Look! A freebie and a tutorial! Now you can make some lovely sparkly letter-writing supplies. Ina illustrated the cupcakes just for you. Watch as she demonstrates the shininess: (not the kitchen kind of foil) (you can get gold and silver foil at any craft supply […]

colour me pretty

Now, not many of you may have this problem, but this thing can serve as a great organizer and an instant jiffy upper. The Problem. I have a air-conditioner hole inside of my room. Sadly, this means no air-conditioner, yet so far I’m surviving. The whole isn’t […]

DIY laminated bookmarks

Buying a laminating machine is on my list of Just Wants. This list includes hair curlers,  flat irons, and a pink Kitchen Aid. In other words, things I cannot afford. You can substitute by buying cheap curlers, spending your afternoon trying to blow-dry your hair […]