The gift of handmade


cozying up

Here’s a new addition to your tea table – a cozy! You can keep your tea all warm and happy in a cocoon of cute. Php 220.00 for a cozy + teapot. I’ll be adding it to the shop, but I almost don’t want to! […]


Mich asked us to stitch up some owls for her son’s party.

ring parties

When Ginger ordered these Potterhead rings from us, we got really excited, because, POTTER. She also got some of these. And some bacon with an egg. Props to Ina, who made everything. Well, almost everything. I made half of the bacon ring. Thank you Ginger! […]

little flags

Mom made these. Do they say “party time” or what? This one is my favorite! Oh, florals. How I love you.

sock it to me

We’re so excited for the Etsy Craft Party we’re organizing here in Manila! We really are hoping you all can come. And now… EXPLOSIONS OF CUTENESS

owly fingertips

One of my penpals sent me stationery festooned with owls that his little sister drew for me, so I made her some finger puppets in return. Adorable? Whoo? Me?

restyling // shirt to skirt

My dad gave me one of his old button-downs. And then I had a genius, crazy, entirely too ambitious plan. I decided to turn it into a skirt. And so, with the help of neither pattern or man or correct sewing techniques, I stayed in […]

shop update!

We made a new utterly cute Russian nesting doll craft kit for the shop! I love it. And Ina liked it so much, that she made herself a mini-version to use as a keychain. Look at these little flowers! Adorbs. xoxo.