The gift of handmade


sock it to me

We’re so excited for the Etsy Craft Party we’re organizing here in Manila! We really are hoping you all can come. And now… EXPLOSIONS OF CUTENESS

restyling // shirt to skirt

My dad gave me one of his old button-downs. And then I had a genius, crazy, entirely too ambitious plan. I decided to turn it into a skirt. And so, with the help of neither pattern or man or correct sewing techniques, I stayed in […]

colour me pretty

Now, not many of you may have this problem, but this thing can serve as a great organizer and an instant jiffy upper. The Problem. I have a air-conditioner hole inside of my room. Sadly, this means no air-conditioner, yet so far I’m surviving. The whole isn’t […]

recycling sweaters

I had this extra-stretched sweatshirt in my closet that I completely forgot I had. Half of it, at least. The other half I used up sometime last year to make a stuffed yeti. Yes. Anyway, here it is: I cut it into strips and then […]