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a week of love – house box

I am a sucker for cute packaging. I think, sometimes, it means much more than what could possibly be inside. I mean, if you wanted to give a friend some Valentine themed M&Ms than why not do it in style? A simple way to assemble your own little box […]

freebie saturday // organizer refills!

Ina did it again. She drew awesome organizer pages you can download for free! There are more in the download! Be surprised. CLICK HERE TO GET SOME CUTE

guess what?

I’m taking orders for Christmas papercuts already! You can start planning your Christmas gifts, and be ready for the season. 😉 They can be Christmas-themed, like the ones in these photos, or not. Just let me know what you want and I will be happy […]

mama mia!

Here are the bookplates we promised! After half a day, use of a tablet and some help from my friend pixlr these lovely things happened. So, enjoy! Download here!

paper love

I can feel the tingle-ing in my toes and the fidgeting-iy feeling fill me ooooooh! Hehe. I tore the books, and cut up the foam, folded up almost all the paper, and used up all the available doilies. And this is what everything came out looking like: […]

school days

Go back to school in style! Use these Summer Drink folders to keep you cool while you study for your upcoming tests 🙂 Write to your newfound awesome  friends from summer vacation with our own version of the aerogram, complete with adorable stickers. Or you […]