The gift of handmade


a week of love – postcard valentines

Are all you teacups worried about finding just the right valentine to send this V-day? Worry no more! Our next freebie has just solved your problems. Sweet right? Four really great postcard style valentines to send to your loved ones. You have the option of […]

a week of love – calendar

Who ever said dates had to be boring? With our new calendar freebie you’ll have the snazziest way of keeping dates ever. What’s more is that it never runs out! We kept the top part blank so you can forever and ever keep filling it […]

a week of love – tea bag tags

You know what the best part about V-day is? All the freebies we are giving away (and the amount of pink I get to use)! This week of February leading up to Valentines day we will be giving an, oh so cute, freebie away. Daily! […]

freebie saturday // organizer refills!

Ina did it again. She drew awesome organizer pages you can download for free! There are more in the download! Be surprised. CLICK HERE TO GET SOME CUTE

freebie monday // cupcakin’ cute

Look! A freebie and a tutorial! Now you can make some lovely sparkly letter-writing supplies. Ina illustrated the cupcakes just for you. Watch as she demonstrates the shininess: (not the kitchen kind of foil) (you can get gold and silver foil at any craft supply […]

sweet afternoons // freebie wednesday

Last Sunday, I met up with two girlfriends I haven’t seen in a long time. Our time together was made sweeter by these teatime treats: Sugar cookies: Why don’t you try baking these vanilla cakelettes for your own teatime treat to share with friends and […]

mama mia!

Here are the bookplates we promised! After half a day, use of a tablet and some help from my friend pixlr these lovely things happened. So, enjoy! Download here!

freebie friday – lip sweaters

I think Doctor Zhivago is the saddest movie in the world, excepting, of course, Becoming Jane and Hachiko: A Dog Story, and the only things that would ever induce me to watch it again are Omar Sharif and his excellent mustache. And since it is […]

freebie friday

Looking for a totally original and one of a kind way to adorn your Christmas packages? Well, look no more. Cause here they are. Totally cute Christmas cards that will make all your friends marvel. The Christmas season is a stressful one indeed and we […]

freebie friday!

In honor of the three little girls who celebrated with us last month, we have a special paper doll download! She’s called Lia, after Lauren, Isabella, and Andrea. There are two versions: a colored one, and a blank one so you can color her and […]