The gift of handmade



Hello teacups! Here’s a little freebie for Valentine’s Day! Click here to download some cute watercolor greeting cards you can print out and give to a special someone. Lots of love, scones, and pink confetti from all of us to you!


I drew some bunnies so you, too, can have your own bunny parade! Click here to download the PDF! I also included a black and white version so you can color in your own bunnehs. Download the PDF here!

every day

I came across this quote the other day and really wanted to hand-letter it, so I did. You can download a larger version here, if you want it for a wallpaper desktop or something: 1600×1200 Have a lovely day! xoxo

timey wimey

We’re all into Dr. Who in a big way, so I drew up some Valentines for you to download! Click here to download the PDF! Print them out, color them (or don’t), and give them to someone in a little blue box. Enjoy!

calendar wallpaper

I know it’s been February for five days, but I thought I’d share my calendar with you. Click on it to download a bigger version! xoxo

freebie roundup!

In case you missed it, here’s the complete roundup of the downloads we’ve been giving away all week! Tea bag tags Perpetual calendar Valentine postcards Fold-up-house treat box Love spells cupcake toppers Gum holder valentines Staple labels V-day banner So there you have it! Just […]

a week of love – valentine’s day banner

Parties aren’t parties until you’ve got the good stuff up. And we’ve got the good stuff we know you want! So why not kick off Valentine’s Day with a rip roarin’ good time. Well, my wonderful teacups  that’s how you do it! Happy Valentine’s Day! […]

a week of love – staple labels

Something I constantly love to do with candy, trinkets and anything really, is repack. I take things out of it’s original packing and basically give it a brand new look. It gives me great great joy to do so. And now I’m giving you the […]

a week of love – cupcake toppers

Know what makes a great combination? Valentine’s Day + Cupcakes + and being a Princess = Cupcake Toppers “Potions & Spells” So, I’ve drawn you all some themed cupcake toppers! A magic mirror, spell book and even a potion or two! You can have a […]

a week of love – house box

I am a sucker for cute packaging. I think, sometimes, it means much more than what could possibly be inside. I mean, if you wanted to give a friend some Valentine themed M&Ms than why not do it in style? A simple way to assemble your own little box […]