The gift of handmade


restyling // shirt to skirt

My dad gave me one of his old button-downs. And then I had a genius, crazy, entirely too ambitious plan. I decided to turn it into a skirt. And so, with the help of neither pattern or man or correct sewing techniques, I stayed in […]

lace nails (DIY)

Faced with a bout of insomnia and a reluctance to go downstairs for fear of waking the entire household up, I looked around for something to do, and found these things under my bed. And then this happened. Fancy, right? I didn’t take progress shots, […]

shirt to bag refashion

So today we’re going to turn an old collared shirt into a bag! Totally useful, since our city (Muntinlupa) has now banned plastic bags and Styrofoam. Such a great idea. Start with a shirt: Pin around the sleeves and collar, just so you know where […]


My mom thrifted a dress recently, but she didn’t want the knitted pockets on them, and she cut them off. I loved them, but didn’t know what to do with them either. I wanted them to be bigger, so I could make a hat. But […]