The gift of handmade


put a bow on it

Look at this cutie: How cute is that? And all you need are some scraps of felt and a large paperclip. Here we go: Print out the pattern and cut the pieces out of felt: You’ll have these three pieces: A few stitches on the […]

ombre heart DIY

Here’s how to make the heart garland that was in the photos we posted yesterday! Do three layers of paint, waiting for each layer to dry before adding the next. The first one is 2/3 of the heart, the second layer is slightly lower, and […]

a pirate’s life // DIY

I turned 21 last week! Here are some photos of my little pirate themed party (more on my blog)! We had sandwiches and cupcakes and a cake and pirate accessories. And now I’ll show you how I made the little pirate pouches, which we filled […]

a week of love – tea bag tags

You know what the best part about V-day is? All the freebies we are giving away (and the amount of pink I get to use)! This week of February leading up to Valentines day we will be giving an, oh so cute, freebie away. Daily! […]

Total Girl

Sam was featured in the February issue of  TotalGirl with our cousin Spring!  The theme of the  issue was friendship, so we put together a sock doll DIY, so you can make one for your best friend. Super cute. Pick up a copy and check […]

our molten chocolate cake mix

…is the best thing. It’s so tasty and wonderful, I can’t believe there’s no baking involved! Here’s a simple step-by-step on how to whip it up. First, you’ll need our cake mix, two tablespoons of butter, and an egg. 1. Microwave chocolate chips and butter […]

DIY// braided tank top

I like tanktops. They’re fun. However, sometimes they get all stretchy and saggy and not fun at all. So I have devised a DIY to reduce the saggy sadness. 1. Take saggy tanktop. 2. Cut off back portion of straps. I have provided some dotted […]

to the dads

Just wanted to share some photos of some giveaways we made for Father’s Day! We found this awesome vanilla cream soda in the cutest bottles, and then we sewed some (faux) ties for them. Look at them, all dapper and stuff. Ina made the tags. […]

sock it to me

We’re so excited for the Etsy Craft Party we’re organizing here in Manila! We really are hoping you all can come. And now… EXPLOSIONS OF CUTENESS

freebie monday // cupcakin’ cute

Look! A freebie and a tutorial! Now you can make some lovely sparkly letter-writing supplies. Ina illustrated the cupcakes just for you. Watch as she demonstrates the shininess: (not the kitchen kind of foil) (you can get gold and silver foil at any craft supply […]