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Krispy Kreme and your holiday parties

Remember one of our first ever blog posts? Here’s a delicious way to fancy up your Krispy Kreme boxes for your parties!

Cut two-inch circles from your Krispy Kreme box. Punch holes on sides of each circle cutout, and string with ribbon, yarn, or crochet thread.
Instant decoration for your holiday table!

There’s no need to transfer your doughnuts to another serving plate. Serve them straight up in these prettied-up Krispy Kreme boxes!

This serving style can be done with both the dozen and half-dozen box.

Cut off the sides of the top cover.

Using a cutter, cut around the top and sides of the logo. Don’t cut below the bottom part of the logo.

Fold in the bottom portion of the box cover, just below the logo. You may glue or use double-sided tape to keep the flap in place.

Cut off cover. Trim the cover to fit inside the box.

Cut open the four corners of the box.

Round off the corners for a pretty look.

Punch holes in the upper corners.

Thread your favorite holiday ribbon through the holes. Here we used white velvet ribbon.

Line your tray box with a cellophane sheet.

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