The gift of handmade

Month: December 2013

leafy greens

Hand painted cookies for your holidays!

Krispy Kreme and your holiday parties

Remember one of our first ever blog posts? Here’s a delicious way to fancy up your Krispy Kreme boxes for your parties! Cut two-inch circles from your Krispy Kreme box. Punch holes on sides of each circle cutout, and string with ribbon, yarn, or crochet […]

craft club// christmas edition

First order of business: painting snowmen families on mini canvases.

Tongue-depressor mangers:

Pipe cleaner halos:

Lastly: snow kittens.

wrap it up

We hosted a gift wrapping workshop a few weeks ago, where we taught gift wrapping techniques and ways to save money, with little tips on throwing small holiday get-togethers and a little bit of Christmas traditions. Demonstrating some wrapping: Recycling: Learning how to make gift […]

o christmas tree

The fifth of December, and the Christmas decorating is well under way! Our theme this year is white, and we thought we’d show you our tree. Our ornaments are mostly handmade this year, with the wooden spools we wrapped in sheet music, and the ruffle […]