The gift of handmade

Stella at 8

This weekend we put together a little decor and some crafts for Stella. She loves tennis, disco dancing, and Taylor Swift, and her name means “star”, so we made things to tie into the theme.

The birthday girl:

Decorating their own party visors:

Ina made all the graphics for the party (including the argyle!)

Cute details:

Designing their tennis rackets:

Ina helping the girls out:


I drew a special custom paper doll for Stella, complete with tennis outfit:

…which we also used as a cake topper:

And we baked sugar cookies, decorated to fit the theme:

We also sewed up canvas bags for the giveaway, and printed the guests’ initials with stamps we made:

The stickers on the jellybean bottle were also made by Ina, and we painted the wooden puzzle to fit the color scheme:

Some table details:

Above the dessert table in their lovely apartment:

They had a teepee in the living room, and of course the girls couldn’t resist:

The happy family with the party guests:

For the rest of the photos, see our FB album here!

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