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Month: February 2013

mom and me

Last Saturday we made some craft kits for a Mommy & Me art day at Child Matters preschool in Quezon City. Here are some of the photos: For the rest of the photos, click here! If you want to book us for a crafting or […]

every day

I came across this quote the other day and really wanted to hand-letter it, so I did. You can download a larger version here, if you want it for a wallpaper desktop or something: 1600×1200 Have a lovely day! xoxo

valentine’s day


Here’s a funny Valentine’s Day cover Ina and I did.
click here to listen!


Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! Paper art by Elle Music: Ho Hey (Lumineers cover) Vocals: Elle & Ina ¬† ¬†Ukulele: Sam

timey wimey

We’re all into Dr. Who in a big way, so I drew up some Valentines for you to download! Click here to download the PDF! Print them out, color them (or don’t), and give them to someone in a little blue box. Enjoy!

ombre heart DIY

Here’s how to make the heart garland that was in the photos we posted yesterday!

Do three layers of paint, waiting for each layer to dry before adding the next. The first one is 2/3 of the heart, the second layer is slightly lower, and the third is the last 1/4 of the heart.

sam turns 14

So we took photos. And decorated. Happy birthday, baby!

calendar wallpaper

I know it’s been February for five days, but I thought I’d share my calendar with you. Click on it to download a bigger version! xoxo

happy february!

We love Valentine’s month around here.

Remember last year’s Week of Love? Just reminding you all that that exists and you can download all those pretty things for your valentines if you haven’t yet. Go on, do it.