The gift of handmade

ina’s nineteenth

We celebrated our very own Ina’s birthday last weekend! It was carnival/fair themed and we had a lot of fun preparing for it.

The hand-painted sign greeting guests:

We bought striped straws and a lot of soda in mini bottles:

When you win tickets at the game booths you get to pick prizes from the prize table!

We had a tattoo booth, too:

And a hula hooping contest.

Our prizes: candy we all remember eating as children, paper gliders, plastic balloons, cans of silly string, gum, and popping candy.

We made a photobooth and had a big gold INA:

Popcorn, peanuts, and soda, along with the main course: hotdog sandwiches. And chocolate fudge cake, of course.

And then we brought out the sparklers.

And partied all night.

Happy birthday, middle teacup. We think you’re the bomb.

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