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Month: September 2012

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We’d love to meet you! Come have tea and get crafty with us!

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Mark your calendars, we have a fun(and delicious) craft party coming your way!

tea party

Last Sunday we  had some girl craft time and tea with Joanna, Natalia, Hannah and Jam!

Pom-pom’d ensaymadas:

Ina made some Oreo and cream cheese truffles:

I bought some flowers (best decision ever):

We painted wooden bangles and also made some friendship bracelets and some music:

isabella at 7

We sang Happy Birthday and colored in some placemats which we laminated (and I forgot to get photos of). We also decorated some crowns and had orange juice and cookies.

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We held our first official craft club with Gabie and her friends last weekend. They had their own bags and passports (to be stamped at every session): Kits all ready to go: Our craft club sessions always include a session on manners and etiquette: Eloise […]

what we do on fridays

We teach art classes! To grade-schoolers, high-schoolers, and a few preschoolers, too!

This is our sewing class.  We learned how to make our own plushies.

The others studied about Rembrandt and made masking tape portraits.