The gift of handmade

Month: August 2012

let them eat cake

Anielle turned 1 last weekend, and we helped her celebrate by making some pretty decor for her party. Ina and Sam modeling some hats for the photo booth: The most darling paper shoes on every table: We made labels for some pastries (the macarons are […]

love you mama

It’s our lovely mama’s birthday today! As a small treat to celebrate, you can download your own printable of the cards we gave her. Sam’s comes in black and white so you can color it in yourself, and mine comes with a birthday version and […]

more sneak peeks

enzo at one!

Our littlest cousin celebrated his birthday last Sunday, so we all got together and had a party. We had cake: And I sewed faux bowties for everybody: Everyone got dressed up: We had tiny stacks of pancakes with whipped cream and fruit: And mustache cookies: […]

a day in the teacup

Starting the day off with the cutting of approximately 2,000 little pieces of paper: And then I take a break to work on a papercut commission: Progress is exciting: Sam works on props for a school project: And then there is the making of paper […]

golden years

We made a small cake for a wedding anniversary.
Ina made the birds, Mom baked the cake, I cut the flowers.

And there were cookies, too.