The gift of handmade

Month: December 2011

what we did over the holidays

Gingerbread house making with some little girls: Dinosaur cake and cupcakes for Manu: This is how Sam wrapped our gifts: More gingerbread houses: I’m really into pompoms: I made my own gingerbread house: More gifts: I hope your holidays were just as merry!

our home

Our house is all spiffed up for Christmas! We decided we wanted a vintage-inspired pink and gold theme this year (sorry, Dad). ¬†Here are some photos: This is the first time we’ve ever done a pink and lavender theme. One of our family traditions is […]

brown bag vintage market

We had a little booth at the Brown Bag Vintage and Crafts Market last week! It rained all day and the roof leaked on our booth quite a few times, but we had fun anyway. The bazaar was lovely, and I wanted to buy so many things. Sigh.
We were a bit frazzled while putting up our stall, so we completely forgot to take photos of the entire table. Here’s Ina’s Arm Party corner, though:

Here I am, giving a little talk about papercutting. Ack!

Our good friends Joe and Andrea came over and helped up set up and held umbrellas and helped us out. They were wonderful.

I also got to join a Keds painting workshop! See my shoes on my blog.

our molten chocolate cake mix

…is the best thing. It’s so tasty and wonderful, I can’t believe there’s no baking involved! Here’s a simple step-by-step on how to whip it up. First, you’ll need our cake mix, two tablespoons of butter, and an egg. 1. Microwave chocolate chips and butter […]


Our craft kits were featured on’s 20 Cool Gifts Under P50o! You can start Christmas shopping for your DIY-loving friends tomorrow, at the Brown Bag Vintage and Crafts Market! Please do drop by our booth. It’ll be fun. ¬†<3