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DIY// braided tank top

I like tanktops. They’re fun. However, sometimes they get all stretchy and saggy and not fun at all. So I have devised a DIY to reduce the saggy sadness.

1. Take saggy tanktop.

2. Cut off back portion of straps. I have provided some dotted lines for you. They are not really there, they are imaginary, like the equator.

3. Let it all hang out.
Just kidding. This photo is for explanatory purposes only.

4. Cut your straps into three thin bits.

5. Braid them.

6. Thread your needle. This is a crucial step in the sewing process. It also helps very much if your thread matches the color of your fabric.

7. Sew that braid together! (Note: you do not need complementary nail color to do this.)

8. Re-attach your strap. The braid will be thinner than the bit of strap you are left with in the back, so you will have to use your brains. I did a little bit of a pleat and a fold and a scrunch.

9. Cut off the excess fabric. You will be left with bits that look like these. Or they may look different. Time will tell.

And there you have it.

Upon trying my new tank top, I found out that one braid was definitely higher up than the other. Oh well.
Asymmetry is in nowadays, I’m told.

You can also pose with one hand on your waist at all times, so no one will notice. You may also disguise it with your hair. I have done both for maximum effectiveness.

My necklace is a mini-DIY too! It’s an old chandelier dangly thing threaded onto a suede strap.

Have fun, lovelies!

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