The gift of handmade

craft party pt.3// sewn with love

Remember the backdrop we used for our photo wall? It’s actually a very special quilt, made for my mom by my grandmother.
Love for creating things runs in our family, as you can see.

Here’s my grandmother talking about sewing with some of the party guests:

Here I am, setting up the photobooth:

We put up some bunting and confetti and made a sign, and then we all had some fun:

(clockwise: mish & sheila/ angel & bianca/ ina & I/ and me with yeng, antonette, and nikki)

(hans & gail/ angel  & her mom/ sam & ina/ nori, tita mariza, & my mom)

(spring/ sam, spring & ina/ us with bianca & angel/ and us with tita cathy)

(the lovely girls from the coffee bean & tea leaf/ spring & sam!)

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