The gift of handmade

a literary affair

Yesterday, we did a shower for a good friend who is expecting another baby boy. We did a library theme, and everyone invited had to bring a book with some love written inside.

There was some bunting out of vintage encyclopedias with drawings by the older-brother-to-be pasted on them:

And there was a lovely diaper cake, with a little book on top:

The giveaways were fabric-covered clothespins, and some personalized bookplates which Ina drew:

A little note-writing nook:

And a photobooth!

These ruffled streamer things Mom made were so pretty; I’m putting them up in my room.

And Ina made a stamp to ink on all the paper napkins. I love details.

We love you already, baby Juan!

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll be uploading a freebie for you guys – printable bookplates! I’ll tell you in advance: They’re mighty cute. xoxo

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