The gift of handmade

Month: April 2011

freebie monday // cupcakin’ cute

Look! A freebie and a tutorial! Now you can make some lovely sparkly letter-writing supplies. Ina illustrated the cupcakes just for you. Watch as she demonstrates the shininess: (not the kitchen kind of foil) (you can get gold and silver foil at any craft supply […]

sweet afternoons // freebie wednesday

Last Sunday, I met up with two girlfriends I haven’t seen in a long time. Our time together was made sweeter by these teatime treats: Sugar cookies: Why don’t you try baking these vanilla cakelettes for your own teatime treat to share with friends and […]

open mic nights

Last week, we took a little break from all the crafting and drove down south to the Expresso open mic night. It was a lot of fun.

I think I’m getting the hang of this performing-without-fainting thing.

(I think Ina’s hair is just the coolest.)

oh, summer times

Guess who’s going to be at the Big Bang Bazaar? That’s right, these girls. With a cute stall and everything. We’ll be in stall A6, so come by and pick up some cute things! Summer love, Pink Teacup

mama mia!

Here are the bookplates we promised! After half a day, use of a tablet and some help from my friend pixlr these lovely things happened. So, enjoy! Download here!

a literary affair

Yesterday, we did a shower for a good friend who is expecting another baby boy. We did a library theme, and everyone invited had to bring a book with some love written inside.

There was some bunting out of vintage encyclopedias with drawings by the older-brother-to-be pasted on them:

And there was a lovely diaper cake, with a little book on top:

The giveaways were fabric-covered clothespins, and some personalized bookplates which Ina drew:

A little note-writing nook:

And a photobooth!

These ruffled streamer things Mom made were so pretty; I’m putting them up in my room.

And Ina made a stamp to ink on all the paper napkins. I love details.

We love you already, baby Juan!

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll be uploading a freebie for you guys – printable bookplates! I’ll tell you in advance: They’re mighty cute. xoxo