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Well-Read Tuesday

I thought it was Wednesday. I felt really happy when I typed in “Well-Read Wednesday”, because I like alliteration. And then I deflated when I realized it was Tuesday. Oh well.

In case you hadn’t heard, we love to read. Absolutely love it. Books are our best friends (apart from sweet food). One of our favorites is a book that fits March’s theme perfectly. It’s set in Russia during the revolution, and Ina in particular likes reading it again and again, and we all suspect it’s because Katya <3 Misha.

And just last month, we found the sort-of sequel in the used-book store. It’s also beautiful, and there are ballerinas in it. Hurrah!

You should add these to your bookshelf. Trust me.

We might be making cookies this week! Eep. I love cookie days.

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