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doctor zhivago with love

So, we have a theme for the month of March! And it’s Russia, folks.

Of course there is no better way to start thinking of Russia without thinking of Doctor Zhivago. And I am talking about the one with Omar Sharif as the wonderful doctor who I will on forever have a crush on. And Julie Christie as Lara. Not the one with Keira Knightly and Hans Mathenson which I have yet to see.

Not this:

But this:

It’s set in the period of 1912 – 1923 during World War 1, the Russian Revolution, and the Russian Civil War. Now, truth be told it is a rather sad story and everybody who watches it, I’m sure, thinks of them seeing each other again.

I’ve actually never read the book, but you learn loads from the book and find out about stuff. Like the Balalaika for instance. It’s origin is from Russia and it has a triangular body with just three strings.

You can read more about it here: balalaika

Zhivago’s mom supposedly played one and his daughter with Lara was said to have a gift for playing it as well.

You can even listen to Lara’s theme called “Somewhere My Love” played on the balalaika.

Also, here are some simply marvelous stills from the movie.

Doctor Zhivago


Yuri and Lara

Their daughter

Doctor Zhivago Cast Picture

Ahhh. So much niceness.

Fun fact!

Remember watching Must Love Dogs? Remember John Cusack playing Jake the guy who loves Doctor Zhivago? Weeelllll, John Cusack is actually the voice of Dmitri in Anastasia. Which is set in Russia! Hahaha. Oh, these things, they are such fun.



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