The gift of handmade

Month: March 2011

restyling // shirt to skirt

My dad gave me one of his old button-downs. And then I had a genius, crazy, entirely too ambitious plan. I decided to turn it into a skirt. And so, with the help of neither pattern or man or correct sewing techniques, I stayed in […]

Well-Read Tuesday

I thought it was Wednesday. I felt really happy when I typed in “Well-Read Wednesday”, because I like alliteration. And then I deflated when I realized it was Tuesday. Oh well. In case you hadn’t heard, we love to read. Absolutely love it. Books are […]

shop update!

We made a new utterly cute Russian nesting doll craft kit for the shop!

I love it. And Ina liked it so much, that she made herself a mini-version to use as a keychain. Look at these little flowers! Adorbs.


freebie friday – lip sweaters

I think Doctor Zhivago is the saddest movie in the world, excepting, of course, Becoming Jane and Hachiko: A Dog Story, and the only things that would ever induce me to watch it again are Omar Sharif and his excellent mustache. And since it is […]

doctor zhivago with love

So, we have a theme for the month of March! And it’s Russia, folks. Of course there is no better way to start thinking of Russia without thinking of Doctor Zhivago. And I am talking about the one with Omar Sharif as the wonderful doctor who […]