The gift of handmade

Month: February 2011

cookies and orange flavoring

Someone asked if I could decorate cookies for an event called Kitsch Art. It’s a fashion forum. Sounds so interesting! They wanted to give cookies as a gift to their speakers. So Mom baked her sugar cookies (only the best I’ve ever tasted) and I […]

pretty owls

This is one of our owl kits, but embellished. You can add fancy stitching to any of our kits in the shop, if you want to! I think this owl is pretty. We’ll be adding more kits to the shop over the next few weeks, […]

lace nails (DIY)

Faced with a bout of insomnia and a reluctance to go downstairs for fear of waking the entire household up, I looked around for something to do, and found these things under my bed.

And then this happened.

Fancy, right?

I didn’t take progress shots, and I felt bad about not being able to show you guys how it’s done, so I scouted up this tutorial. Have fun!


more hearts

Our Valentine’s Day? Ina made some heart bunting and we put it all over the walls, Mom made red velvet cupcakes, Sam decorated some cookies, and I took photos and we all ate a lot. Pretty great, in my opinion. Lots of love!

a day of hearts

Somebody ordered cupcakes. So Mom made some. Ina and I made some tags. And guess what? There were cookies, too. I hope your Valentine’s Day was just as sweet. Love, Elle

shirt to bag refashion

So today we’re going to turn an old collared shirt into a bag! Totally useful, since our city (Muntinlupa) has now banned plastic bags and Styrofoam. Such a great idea.

Start with a shirt:

Pin around the sleeves and collar, just so you know where to cut:

Cut off the sleeve to the left of the seam:

Cut off the collar:

And the other sleeve:

It will now look like this:

Then you invert it, and sew along the bottom of the shirt, sewing it closed:

You don’t have to, but I sewed along the raw edges of the sleeve and collar holes, too:

And presto! You now have a bag. Here is Sam modeling it.

Happy Friday! xx.Pink Teacup

i like where we are, here

So, last week, a certain girl I love dearly came over for a bacon-lovin’, pancake eating, glue gun and felt festive day. And oh! The things we made and talked about. It involved lots of giggling and remembering the oh, so¬†awkward¬†pre-teen years. Tsk. Tsk. Time […]


My mom thrifted a dress recently, but she didn’t want the knitted pockets on them, and she cut them off. I loved them, but didn’t know what to do with them either. I wanted them to be bigger, so I could make a hat. But […]