The gift of handmade

look at this stuff/ treasures untold

Hi everyone! Take a look at the new things we’ve added to the shop! We’ll be adding more as the days go by.  Everything is lovingly handmade by us.

If you’re wondering how Pink Teacup Shoppe came about, we were initially doing this as a project for our entrepreneurship lesson in our home economics class. We got so excited with setting up the blog and doing the things we love like painting, sewing, baking, and other crafty activities, that we decided to do it full-time. Whatever we earn from sales, goes into school needs and our college fund. : ) This is a dream come true for us, we’re doing things we actually enjoy.

We’d love for you to support our business. Since we set up shop in the second half of 2010, things have been so exciting! We’ve been so blessed by the people who have bought our handmade gifts and booked our workshops. Thank you, and lots of love,

the Pink Teacup girls

P.S. We now have a Paypal account!

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