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Now, not many of you may have this problem, but this thing can serve as a great organizer and an instant jiffy upper.

The Problem.

I have a air-conditioner hole inside of my room. Sadly, this means no air-conditioner, yet so far I’m surviving. The whole isn’t all that ugly it’s actually been fitted in with a piece of wood that’s been painted white. I’m so sure I would have completely disregarded it had the wood been painted the same color as the rest of my room (pale mint green), sadly it is not.  I thought and thought and thought and came up with this:

I painted the air-con hole cover a lovely coral shade and placed gold thumbtacks all along the sides to hang my jewelry. I was actually happy with it and found it quite decent. And then one morning I woke up and realized the middle section was terribly bare and rather ugly. I need a place to put my picture and something to cover up the middle.

*enter amazing idea*

I remember reading a home decoration magazine once (I think it was Martha Stewart. I’m not sure.) and coming across a wonderful ribbon and canvas covered board perfect for displaying pictures and stuff. So I decided to make one!

Here is a 3 step way to create one:

The Solution.

Step 1.


Illustration Board (Size will depend on how big you want what you’re making to be!)

Canvas (Same as the illustration board)

Fiber Fill (The kind that comes in a sheet. Also, as big as your illustration board and canvas.)

Masking Tape (I recommend using a rather wide one if possible.)

Ribbon (It’s up to you the amount you want to use.)

Step 2.

First off decide where you want the picture holder to be placed and then measure it. Make sure it fits exactly because you want it to be very snug. Now, cut your illustration board and fiber fill to the exact same size. Tape the two pieces together. You can cut long strips of masking tape and place them along the sides to hold the two pieces together.

After that cut your canvas. you have to plae at least four to six inches extra along the side  so you can fold the edges. And then you tape all of that into place (Check the picture out to see what I mean!)

Ribbon time!

Step 3.

Choose which ribbons you desire and cut them to the proper length (Enough to reach the back of the board.). Apply them in a criss cross pattern and tape them into place.

When all of that is done you can put it into your empty space. See? Easy piece-ie lemon squeeze-ie. It’s totally cute too!

Here is the finished product with the pictures and jewelry hanging along the sides. The whole shebang.



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