The gift of handmade

deck the halls pt.1

We’ve started decorating! It’s so much fun. Last night, Mom dug out some boxes, and Sam and I put up the tree:

We put on the Christmas music, and then we had some yummy coffee ice cream floats (recipe after the jump):

You can put in a cookie if you’re so inclined:

And then we strung everything up with lights.

This season is so magical.

Christmas coffee float

(makes 5 servings)

4 cups chilled coffee (with cream and sugar to taste)

1 pint vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream

1) Divide ice cream between chilled glasses.

2) Pour in chilled coffee.

3) Top with whipped cream.

4) Serve with straw and long dessert spoon.

May be served with your favorite cookie garnish. Ours was Stik-O. 🙂

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