The gift of handmade

freebie friday (wordy tape)

Ever have trouble with gift wrapping? Do you ever spend countless hours surveying the way you wrapped your bow? Or can you even wrap a bow (I know it took me really long time to do a decent one)? Well, no worries cause bow-less wrapping is actually cooler (Or at least it’s going to be when you see this)!


Printable Typewriter Paper Strips! Whoot-whoot!

I was contemplating yesterday how amazingly hard it is to buy printed masking tape. But now,  I don’t have to worry about the sad lack of those things in my life. Because these babies will keep the blues away (at least most of them).

The tape strips say fabulous stuff on them such as:

Blink your eyes, drink bubble tea, red velvet cupcakes, and much more. Because it is absolutely essential to remember those.

(Especially, “blink your eyes”. Nobody wants dry pupils now do they?)

Here is a close up:

All I did to enjoy these are:

1. Print on a sheet of A4 Tracing Paper

2. Cut along the dotted lines

3. Use a glue stick and cover the entire back surface

4. Stick to what ever you want to make crazy gorgeous

Ta-da! And you can even do it like this:

Bundle up your letters or pieces of paper you would rather not lose in style.

Click below to download the PDF!



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