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Month: September 2010

paper love

I can feel the tingle-ing in my toes and the fidgeting-iy feeling fill me ooooooh! Hehe. I tore the books, and cut up the foam, folded up almost all the paper, and used up all the available doilies. And this is what everything came out looking like: […]


Here’s a little update on what we’ve been doing lately! We have a lot of new shop items in the works, and here’s what I did last night: We toasted some bruschetta for lunch. Love it forever. Ina made these quadruple awesome stationery sets: I […]

crafts it up!

Today we are happy to feature our very first guest post! May De Jesus-Palacpac of Fully Housewifed has written a post on the positive effects of doing arts and crafts.

Thanks May!

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Several years ago, a test was conducted to two groups of American kids to observe about the process in learning. The first group was immediately launched into the traditional way of worksheets, ABCs and 123s, while the latter was given experiments, nature strolls, and arts & crafts activities. They weren’t given any worksheets, nor were they introduced to the letters and numbers until, I think, years later. By the time they were taught the alphabets, numerals and concepts, they not only leveled with the first group, but excelled even more. They were more creative, more analytic, more absorbent of the concepts taught them, more expressive and more relaxed than the first group of kids. They breezed through the regular school stuff!
I no longer have the book in hand, I just borrowed it, but you can look up Ruth Beechick’s The three Rs book and I’m sure that the internet can supply you more of these facts. But here’s something tangible for you, I started out traditional with my son, Pablo but later on adapted the 3Rs concept of education, progressing to the Charlotte Mason approach. Though my son, a natural learner, was quick to absorb our lessons, his development shot way up when I decided to allow him hours and hours of arts and crafts, play, nature strolls and experiments.
Our tendency is to separate arts & crafts from the academics because it may seem like it’s just to balance the activities of our children. When my son was first introduced to lacing when I had him go to a summer preschool workshop, I thought that it was only about finger dexterity and you know, what do you call that hand thing? Haha, I forget. But it’s so much more than that. Children are natural players! They love fun & games, exploration and discovery of new things. They love hearing new ideas. They most love the power of imagination! You see, when concepts are built first through first-hand experiences, the interest to learn what’s behind it naturally follows. They hunger to know more, to be fed more, to be introduced to more because learning is fun and exciting. Not rigid, tedious, demanding and boring. Pablo, who just turned 5, now goes through his books, asks questions and eagerly listens to answers, and even does research in his own little way because of the things he discovers during our nature strolls, experiments, and yes, arts and crafts.
When my son’s playgroup was moved temporarily to a fast food outlet and a limit had to be set on our activities, we decided to try the Pink Teacup’s crafts products. It was a huge success! It created a greater bonding atmosphere for us and our kids. It also hinted us on how to teach our children simple skills such as knotting, running stitches, designing, drawing, etc. It’s also a great way to spur their imagination and introduce our kids to different ideas and possibilities. The crafts kits are attractive and colorful. All of them in the playgroup, ages 3-5, focused on every craft activity with captured interest. You can sense their excitement to complete every project! The mommies have agreed to continue with Pink Teacup’s crafts throughout the school year because it proved effective and productive for us. Before I end, here are some more practical reasons why I highly recommend Pink Teacup’s crafts to all parents:

1. I spend more time doing the activity and interacting with my kid than in planning and making it. All I need to do is order the crafts kit.

2. Yes, it involves money. Education is a necessary investment but this one’s affordable and within my means. Education does not need to be expensive all the time.

3. The makers are more than just artists, they are passionate products of homeschooling. They personally care about the development of the kids, hence, every craft is well thought of.

4. They’re fun for my kids and fun for me, too! And that’s important, mind you. You can’t get your kid to enjoy something that you, yourself, do not enjoy.

5. You can do it in groups, you can do it at home. You can do it together or you can let your child do it by himself. Any which way, you achieve beneficial goals. That matters!**

by May De Jesus-Palacpac

freebie friday (wordy tape)

Ever have trouble with gift wrapping? Do you ever spend countless hours surveying the way you wrapped your bow? Or can you even wrap a bow (I know it took me really long time to do a decent one)? Well, no worries cause bow-less wrapping is actually […]

lovely things

I’ve been admiring the Diana Mini for ages, but only just saw it in person in Fully Booked today, and it is even cuter than I imagined. You know what’s awesomely awesome about it, besides its cuteness? It has a half-frame feature, so instead of […]

late freebie friday

Sorry, for the wait, but here they are! I made bookmaks. They are one of a kind with themes to them. I was thinking of these books as I made them:

1. Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carol

2. Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

3. Detectives in Togas – Henry Winterfeld

4. The Narnia Series – C.S. Lewis

They are all amazing books and each of them a must read. So why not use this goodie while you enjoy those fabulous books?

This freebie can also be used with our DIY. So hurry up and print them out and try out our idea of a makeshift laminating machine!

Click below to download the PDF!



i’d like mine sunny side up

You hear the bell ring as the waiteress shouts “Order up!” And you know you know you are in for something good. I’ve been thinking up of a good theme for days and then it hit me: breakfast. Really, what could be better, then that […]