The gift of handmade

recycling sweaters

I had this extra-stretched sweatshirt in my closet that I completely forgot I had.

Half of it, at least. The other half I used up sometime last year to make a stuffed yeti. Yes.

Anyway, here it is:

I cut it into strips and then crocheted it:

And I made a scarf.

Here it is on my neck:

I actually like it. Halfway through, I was about to take the whole thing apart and make a rug for my floor instead. Or maybe potholders.

I will accept any and all old t-shirt donations.

In other news, I have promised myself to take more photos every day:

This is Ina’s typewriter. Currently he is on my bedside table and I do not know why.

I made her a pin last night whilst sitting right behind her, as we re-watched old episode of Heroes.  (Mm, Milo.) Today we realized that this pin should be mine, as the more appropriate one for her P&P adoring self should be “Mrs. Darcy.”

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Elle

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