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breakfast club

We were commissioned to do giveaways for a party. What made this party unique was that it was held at breakfast time. What’s cooler is that it’s one of twelve parties held every year by a group of women who take turns to host a breakfast each month. They decide on whatever theme they want, and this month’s theme was French Country.

We sanded a lot of boxes (hi Mom, I want a power sander):

I painted them white to prime them:

And then we painted them in all sorts of springtime colors:

Ina made some special stickers for the boxes,  with the menu drawn on them (so cute!)

And everyone made fun of how dirty I got.

Bows make things look so special. The party hostess decided to give our recipe cards (find them in the shop!) as giveaways for her guests.

Watermelonade was served as a welcome drink:

We matched the recipe boxes with the party colors. Springtime!

We provided the recipes for the food they ate at the party:

Here’s the table the night before, all ready for people to pick the ingredients for their own omelettes. 🙂

Why not start your own breakfast club today? Contact us for more ideas!

Oh, and today is Fabulous Friday Freebie day! We have so much in store for you, including a free PDF,  a DIY, and some recipes for the food they served at the party! So so fun.

xoxo, Elle

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