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craft party fun

We had our first craft party last Saturday, and it was so much fun for everyone!

We had initially scheduled three crafts for three hours, but everyone was so focused and excited,

designs became intricate, and the workshop lasted over six hours!

Here’s Ina conducting a design-a-frame-for-your-chalkboard lesson:

While the painted frames were drying, Elle conducted a design-your-own fabric pin/accessory.

This was a review of basic stitches, like running stitch, backstitch, blanket stitch, and even sewing on buttons and snaps.

Individual style preferences such as color and designs were already evident at this stage of the workshop.

Some opted for vintage pretty, while others went for cute modern. 🙂

I led the participants into basics of cupcake decorating with fondant:

Here are our two pretty assistants, Julia and Sam:

Posing for photos with their creations:

These designs were definitely not simple, though everyone was a beginner in cupcake decorating!

Everyone wanted to put in so much detail into their designs that time flew by!

All in all, everyone had a good time.

Check out our Workshop page to learn how you can turn your chosen workshop into a fun craft tea party.

In addition to our present workshops, we will be having special all-day craft party workshops, which will be announced very soon here on our website.


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