The gift of handmade

A tribute

One thing I have treasured over the years have been quilts that were lovingly made by my mom – more popularly known as Mama Jeng to us and Tita Jenny to others. My mom is a superb seamstress. When my sisters and I were younger, she would make us matching dresses. She even made my prom dress, a one-shouldered affair in aquamarine. I felt so beautiful in that dress.  🙂

I always marveled at how she could cut cloth without using any patterns. When we were in school, she was the designated seamstress for all school plays. I even remember her sewing a period dress complete with a wire hoop for the skirt. As far back as I can remember, she has been in business sewing various items. Bags, children’s clothes, curtains, seat covers, and now bed linen such as sheet sets and quilts.

What else can I say – my mom is a terrific homemaker. She is a great cook, baker, seamstress, and has very good public relations skills to boot. Did I mention she can sing and dance as well?

Thanks, mom, for teaching me to bake and sew at an early age, for dancing the boogie and cha-cha with me and instilling in me a love of music.

I love you Mom.

wearing a terno she sewed herself
see her?

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