The gift of handmade

Clay time!

Hey, you guys!

Guess what I’ve been doing practically all week? Making a-w-e-s-o-m-e stuff for you. I’ve got paint caked in my fingernails and my manicure is ruined, but I’ve come out of it alive with the cutest things to boot! I’ve been making little pin toppers out of FIMO (one of the best things since sliced bread on my list) that are to be paired up with pin cushions that mom has been making. I don’t really think my fingers are ever going to be the same again. Hahaha.. I’m really happy with how everything turned out. You can now sew in style, baby! You’ll have all your friends begging to know where to get these.They probablycome out to half an inch or less. It really depends. Some things I just couldn’t get any smaller. And guess what else? I also made rings (my first attempt) and they turned out way better than I expected. I can now make that three cap VALOU ring I’ve wanted for soooo long. I’ll be sprucing it up a bit though by putting different themes to these fab rings. Plus, my favorite theme, Harry Potter rings! Some of them will be bearing
spoilers so be careful where you wear these. People could get upset! Hehe. It’s my very first time to cut letters! After my first two words I started to think I’m going to need a official cutter for them. But for now each one will most DEFINITELY be unique cause they’ll all be done separately by me!



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