The gift of handmade

Month: June 2010

recycling delicious

Green and white are my two favorite colors, and dots have always looked cute to me. So when Mr. Mug came home with boxes of Krispy Kreme for us Pink Teacup girls, packaged in a sleeve made of board instead of the usual plastic bag, […]

school days

Go back to school in style! Use these Summer Drink folders to keep you cool while you study for your upcoming tests 🙂 Write to your newfound awesome  friends from summer vacation with our own version of the aerogram, complete with adorable stickers. Or you […]

taste and see

I was commissioned by b.inspired shirts to do three shirt designs for them. They are now available in House of Praise outlets. They’re perfect as gifts, or you can just get one for yourself.



tweet tweet

I first drew swirls on my bird and then I started thinking of real things like how my mom sews, so I drew a sewing machine and a pin cushion, how I wanted to go on a picnic that day, or how I like flowers […]

Clay time!

Hey, you guys! Guess what I’ve been doing practically all week? Making a-w-e-s-o-m-e stuff for you. I’ve got paint caked in my fingernails and my manicure is ruined, but I’ve come out of it alive with the cutest things to boot! I’ve been making little […]

We’ve moved!

Welcome! We’re so excited to finally have our shop and blog in one place! Here’s Ina in her new pink shoes, standing in front of our door,  carrying some vintage books that we love, and our favorite pink teacup.