it’s that time again

For some lettering love!

On October 18 and 19, we’re going to be at 10A Alabama! I’ll be exhibiting some artwork and handpainting custom cookies, and we’re also going to have some pastries and hot chocolate. All proceeds from the exhibit will go to Heart School, a school for underprivileged children that utilizes art and music as their tools for learning. There will be activities and lots of lovely things, so mark off your calendars and  come by!

We’ll also be selling some typography-themed craft kits, and there will be craft supply vendors at the event, so you can grab the perfect Christmas presents and buy your supplies as well! You should. Totally. Come.


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Mateo Turns 1!

Mateo celebrated with an adorable milk and cookie party! Complete with delicious chocolate chunk cookies, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodles!

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Pretty Princess!

Our youngest Craft Club member Andie, just turned four years old.

She wanted pretty princess sweets!

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Craft Club September

We had craftclub last week! Here are a few photos!

Girls made hand sewn pillows with their initials on it, and adorable birdcage decorations for their room!

We even had one of our youngest student sew her very own heart pillow!


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a short hiatus

Hi everyone! We haven’t been posting much, I know. We’re just having a little problem with our website and can’t upload photos. We’re going to get everything working soon, but in the meantime, you can keep up via our Facebook page! We’ll keep posting there. Thank you so much for bearing with us and also for helping us get to 1,000 likes!

Lots of summer lovin’,

Elle, Ina, Sam, and Lorrie

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Type Kita

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be a contributing artist for an event called Type Kita, a typography art show in which all the pieces were to be sold and the money donated to victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Sadly, schoolwork was intense that week and so I wasn’t able to make a piece, but we did set up a little booth at the event, held at 10A Alabama in Quezon City, and sold cookies that I hand-lettered on the spot.

Type kita:

Chalkboard art inspired:

Letter cookies! Always my favorites.

Our cute booth backdrop!

If you’d like to order custom cookies (we love doing those!)  please email us at or use our order form!

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Baby JD

We made some onesie cookies for my new baby cousin, all packaged up with some iridescent confetti and tucked neatly into blue boxes.

Welcome to the world, JD!

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chrina’s bridal shower

We styled a bridal shower for Chrina a few weeks ago (congratulations, Mrs. Henson!). Here are some photos from the day:

The party favors:

The prettiest centerpieces that we wanted to take home:

The sisters-to-be prepping the tables:

Some bling for the napkins:

And a few gems for the table:

Then there’s there’s the dessert table! Some pink tassels:

Handpainted roses on sugar cookies:

An apple tart:

Handpainted gold-dotted spoons for the pannacotta!

The prettiest cookies ever:

Jonathan + Chrina

Diamond doughnut toppers for some Valentine doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!

The bride with her family:

The dessert table!

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leafy greens

Hand painted cookies for your holidays!

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Krispy Kreme and your holiday parties

Remember one of our first ever blog posts? Here’s a delicious way to fancy up your Krispy Kreme boxes for your parties!

Cut two-inch circles from your Krispy Kreme box. Punch holes on sides of each circle cutout, and string with ribbon, yarn, or crochet thread.
Instant decoration for your holiday table!

There’s no need to transfer your doughnuts to another serving plate. Serve them straight up in these prettied-up Krispy Kreme boxes!

This serving style can be done with both the dozen and half-dozen box.

Cut off the sides of the top cover.

Using a cutter, cut around the top and sides of the logo. Don’t cut below the bottom part of the logo.

Fold in the bottom portion of the box cover, just below the logo. You may glue or use double-sided tape to keep the flap in place.

Cut off cover. Trim the cover to fit inside the box.

Cut open the four corners of the box.

Round off the corners for a pretty look.

Punch holes in the upper corners.

Thread your favorite holiday ribbon through the holes. Here we used white velvet ribbon.

Line your tray box with a cellophane sheet.

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